Moving to the mountains has been our dream for a long time. We’re not the kind of people who enjoy living in a secluded way, which is why we decided to combine mountain life with other activities. We came to the conclusion that the best way would be to build a center for meeting like-minded people in the mountains. It seems that the time has come to try to make this dream come true. We are at the beginning and do not want to pretend that we have extensive experience in this field, but life has shown us that if one is willing to do something, then one can learn how to do it.

Karlov captivated us for its unique location, a hidden gem in the Jizera mountains, but just a stone’s throw from the Jizera Highway (cross country ski route), the ski lifts at Severák, as well as being in the middle of a beautiful orienteering map.

Our ambition is to provide more than just the normal services of a mountain lodge to circles of nature/sports oriented people. The ideas we currently have are dynamically evolving at the moment. We are not yet able to tell which of them will be viable, but we’ll give you a few ideas, if just for you to tell us which ones are appealing to you and which are not.

Before we open fully we will have to make some repairs, the most pressing of which is to build a new roof for the rear building. For winter well-being in the mountains it’s pretty much essential to have a sauna and relaxation center, which is also high on the list of our priorities.

We would also like to:

  • Organize interesting courses and training sessions in collaboration with experts in various fields
  • Work with local musicians to liven up the the pub with live music or theatre performances
  • Organize discussions with interesting people
  • Provide space for occasional exhibitions
  • Play with clay, make pottery and do other handicraft activities
  • Photography in the Jizera Mountains environment
  • Since we have native English speakers in our among us, to organize English weeks
  • Offer our services to orienteering clubs (we are in the middle of a large orienteering map), but also to athletes of other sports
  • Organize occasional races of any kind
  • Provide facilities (and some experience) for the organization of non-traditional weddings
  • Rent electric bikes, bikes and other sporting goods
  • And whatever we can think of and enjoy…