You will find us almost in the middle of the beautiful orienteering map Pepíkáč. If you don’t already know, the World Orienteering Championships will be held almost on our doorstep in 2021. All of us are close to orienteering, so we will be happy to advise you and help to prepare training sessions.



The Jizera mountains are a paradise for cyclists. There are many possibilities for cycling and you can choose the difficulty according to your taste. Here are some ideas for inspiration.

Cross country skiing

In winter, the Jizera Mountains are a paradise for cross-country skiers. It would be hard to find a place with such a dense concentration of well-maintained ski tracks elsewhere in the world. Here you can see what the long distance Jizerská magistrála provides. The nearest point to hop onto these tracks is at Hrabětická chapel, about 500m from us.

Downhill skiing

It would not be fair to say that the Jizera mountains are also a paradise for downhill skiers, since that would be lying. However, if your kids are starting to ski, it’s not a bad place at all. The ski area of Severák is located about 800m from us.