1st Jizera O-fest

At Potkávárna a week of unforgettable orienteering, games and music just finished. More information and reports are available on the O-fest website, here are just a few choice moments. Do you want to live the O-fest too? Sign up for the second running of…

Discussion about a remote region in the heart of the Himalayas – Upper Dolpo

There was another presentation and discussion at Potkávárna which was very engaging and stretched on almost until midnight. Upper Dolpo is a distant corner of the Himalayas, located northwest of the Dhaulagiri Massif. Due to it’s remoteness it is called the Secret Land. It…

Cambridge graduates staying at Potkávárna

As part of our task in popularising the Jizera mountains, we had the opportunity to host a group of recent graduates of the University of Cambridge and teach them the basics of cross-country skiing.

Fresh snow has fallen!